The European Commission’s Food and Catering Services Background Product Report, 2008 – this report complements the EC’s Product Sheet on Food and Catering Services, by providing in-depth information on green procurement recommendations for food and catering services

Europe INNOVA Sectoral Innovation Watch: Food and Drinks Sector, EC 2011 – detailed insights into sectoral innovation performance are essential for the development of effective innovation policy at regional, national and European levels

Sustainable Public Sector Food Procurement, Amy McDougall, October 2012, Paper Number 12/046 - This paper examines the development by the Welsh Government of guidance for public sector organisations in working to embed sustainable practices, including reducing food waste and procuring locally, into their procurement practice

Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement in Europe: an Action Plan for Sustainability, 2013 - This report is the result of the collaboration between policy-makers, practitioners and scientists in the framework of the Foodlinks project. This document reflects not only the reality of devising and implementing innovative approaches to public sector food procurement throughout Europe, but also offers an Action Plan to help and encourage urban governments to take up the challenge of more sustainable purchasing practices

Smarter food procurement in the public sector, UK National Audit Office, 2006 - The focus of this report is on how public sector organisations can become more effective procurers of food, maintaining or improving the quality of the meals they serve while controlling or reducing their costs

The Power of Procurement Public Purchasing in the Service of Realizing the Right to Food, OLIVIER DE SCHUTTER UNITED NATIONS Special Rapporteur on the right to Food, 2014 - This brief report describes why public procurement matters for food and nutrition security strategies. It identifies which kind of public procurement should be encouraged and identifies five key principles that should be integrated into public procurement schemes and modalities.