Sustainable Catering Forum in Ghent

9 June 2016

The Sustainable Catering Forum brought together a mix of learners, thinkers and doers working in the field of sustainable public procurement from all over Europe. Among the participants were public procurers of food and catering services, local and regional government representatives, catering suppliers, researchers and more.

The aim was to learn from each other, exchange experience and build new alliances for the changes needed if we want to respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges that our city-region food systems face. Guidance and experiences gathered over the last three years from the European INNOCAT project, on purchasing eco-innovative catering and food were on show through the interactive one-day programme.


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Sustainable Catering Forum (Ghent, Belgium)

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9:30 Forum Opening

  • Robert Kaukewitsch, Policy Officer, Directorate-General Environment, European Commission [Presentation - PDF]

10:00 Pathways to a more sustainable development

11:30 Procurement of innovation in practice

14:00 Market Place: What's on your plate?

  • Dr. Mervyn Jones, Director, Sustainable Global Resources: "Circular procurement advice service" [Presentation - PDF]
  • Elina Ojala and Elina Ovaskainen, Motiva: "New procedures and criteria in implementing sustainable catering - examples from Finland[Presentation - PDF]
  • Marijke Van Ranst, BioForum Vlaanderen: "Public Procurement - pushing for more sustainability through longterm partnerships?"
  • Paola Hernández, Health Care Without Harm: "Best practices of food waste management in the European healthcare sector" [Presentation - PDF]
  • Maria Helmersson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden: "Climate smart meals through the help of a new calculation tool" [Presentation - PDF][Posters - "SP Food and Bioscience" - PDF]
  • Philippe Micheaux Naudet, ACR+: "Local authorities and schools campaigning against food waste" [Presentation - PDF]
  • Mariana Antonaki, University of Helsinki: "Food waste elimination? Challenge accepted!" [Presentation - PDF]
  • An Schepens, Vredeseilanden: "Smart food policy @ Flemish schools" [Presentation - PDF]

16:00 Inspiration for the future





The programme for the forum is available online, including keynote speakers, capacity building sessions and a market place – an interactive space for learning, networking and exchange with experts in the field. The sessions addressed how public procurement can be used as a strategic tool for:

  • Transforming school food services to healthier and more climate-friendly alternatives
  • Minimising the environmental impact of hospital catering services
  • Decarbonising vending machines available in universities
  • Reducing food waste and packaging
  • Facilitating market access for SMEs and small suppliers

Interactive map