Vending Machines

This procurement was led by the University of Sheffield who, together with INNOCAT partner Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, brought on board a number of other organisations interested in increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions that arise from vending operations.

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Food Containers

Resah-idf, the network for hospital procurers in the Paris region, was on the quest for eco-innovative solutions to reduce environmental impacts while meeting current budgetary constraints of its members. One potential solution was biodegradable food trays and a corresponding recycling service.

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School Catering

Catering services in the City of Turin prepare 50,000 meals for 360 primary, secondary and nursery schools on a daily basis. This amounts to over eight million meals a year. Turin aims to define specific indicators to measure current environmental achievements.

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Office Catering services

INNOCAT partner Environment Park (Envipark) assisted lead buyer ARPA Piemonte (Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of the Piemont Region) with the procurement of eco-innovative office canteen catering services in the Turin Region. 

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