INNOCAT aimed to bring together a group of public and private buyers to publish a series of tenders for eco-innovative catering products, services and solutions.

The aim was to help encourage eco-innovation in the catering sector by providing a sizeable launch market for new solutions.

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Over the course of the INNOCAT project, public and private procurers worked together to explore eco-innovative procurement in four key areas:
1. Low carbon vending machines
2. Biodegradable packaging
3. Green school catering
4. Eco innovation in office canteens 

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A number of publications were released throughout the INNOCAT project: these include best practice guides to market engagement and sustainable school catering as well as a series of case studies and insights from experts in the field of food and sustainability.

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  • 12.5 million tonnes of food are discarded annually through the catering sector
  • 5.6 billion meals are produced by European caterers annually



  • €95 billion could be saved annually if catering equipment were used more effectively
  • 19.4% of the EU's GDP is spent on public procurement

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