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19 September 2016  

First purchase from INNOCAT framework contract

The first purchase has been made from a framework contract set up as part of the INNOCAT project. The contract which offers a consulting service to manage the sorting of organic waste in hospitals was originally launched in November 2014 by Resah IDF.

Since 2012 hospitals in France which create a certain level of waste are obliged to sort their organic waste from their “normal” waste. The organic waste has to be collected separately and must be treated differently. To address this new need for an increasing number of hospitals, Resah launched a call for tender to find a company specialised in the collection and the treatment of organic waste. A need was also identified for advice regarding the reorganization of internal logistics in order to manage the waste separation process.

The consultancy service offers to reduce the generation and disposal of “classic” waste through favouring the separation of organic waste and so reducing waste burned; and to improve the management of organic waste in catering services in French hospitals.

For more information, visit the INNOCAT tenders page.