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3 November 2014  

ARCA Lombardia joins interest group for eco-innovative vending machines

ARCA Lombardia, the regional buyers group for the Lombardia region (Italy) has joined the INNOCAT interest group for low-carbon vending machines. The group, led by INNOCAT project partner Johnson Matthey and the University of Sheffield, is exploring the possibilities for increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions from vending operations.

A supplier meeting will be held at the University of Sheffield (UK) on 6 November to discuss the upcoming tender. This follows on from a PIN published in March 2014, intended to find out what options are available or under development before beginning the formal tender process.

The buyers group are interested in hearing from companies at all stages of the supply chain with ideas that could contribute to improving energy efficiency or reducing emissions, deliver incremental improvements over the period of a contract, contribute to a total solution or provide a total solution.

For more information or to join the interest group, visit the INNOCAT website or email