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9 December 2014  

New catering rating rewards sustainability in university canteens

A new voluntary ratings system has been developed to help British universities showcase their sustainability credentials. The sustainability rating comes in response to research carried out by the Higher Education Authority and the National Union of Students, which showed that more than 80 percent of students believe universities should be actively involved in both incorporating and promoting sustainable development.

The rating was developed by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in partnership with the University Catering Organisation (TUCO) and focuses on three key areas of sustainability: sourcing, environment and society. Universities who sign up will be given access to a dedicated, expert advice and support service which will work with them to improve their sustainability credentials year on year.

Julie Barker, TUCO Chair, said: “Working in partnership with the SRA, TUCO has developed a ratings model that is sector specific to our market – a model which recognises the bespoke challenges faced by those operating in the Higher Education sector while retaining its unique integrity through the way it is scored.”

For more information, visit the SRA webpage.