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8 January 2014  

First RESFOOD newsletter focuses on food sector innovations

December 2013 saw the Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing (RESFOOD) project publish its first newsletter on innovations within the food sector. The three-year collaborative project aims to research and transfer innovative technologies to improve the food industry’s resource efficiency and food safety. Funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, it was launched in November 2012.

The newsletter gives a brief overview of the RESFOOD project and its main research areas, such as technologies that help to recover energy and nutrients, ways to re-use and recycle water used in food production and processing and regaining valuable bio-based compounds from organic waste. Based on initial lab results, the partners are currently preparing the pilot test phase for the technologies.

The newsletter also contains several interviews on innovations in the fields of horticulture, food processing, biomass, disinfection and detection. Moreover, it presents eight other currently running projects related to innovation in the food sector and provides a calendar with upcoming events in the field.

To view the newsletter, click here.