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14 July 2014  

EU Social Innovation finalist creates direct links between farmers and end-users was recently nominated as a finalist for the EU Social Innovation Competition. is a website which creates an online market for traditional farmers’ markets. It supports small-scale farmers by developing the shortest possible food supply chains, i.e. by creating direct links between the farmers and the end users.

This online market acts as a logistics hub for self-organised regional same-day delivery, for national parcel service delivery and for Europe-wide delivery to other farmer’s markets (which then in turn act as distribution hubs). This model re-establishes the viability of traditional, small-scale food production, and allows these businesses to create new jobs.

The central idea behind the website is to re-vitalise traditional weekly farmers’ markets across Europe. Farmers markets often serve as an established meeting point for local farmers, making them an ideal logistics hub for regional and international shipping. The majority of farmers who sell their produce at markets do not have their own websites, so allows farmers to continue selling their produce in a way that is adapted to the digital era.

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