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27 October 2015  

EC draws attention to the problem of food waste

The European Commission (EC) is calling on European citizens to minimise their food waste with its new Stop Food Waste campaign. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the high levels of food which are thrown away and prevent the current figure of 100 million tonnes of waste per year reaching 120 tonnes by 2020. Food loss and waste are estimated to be as high in industrialised countries as in developing countries. Whilst in developing countries over 40% of food is lost after harvest and during processing, in industrialised countries - including in the EU member states - over 40% of food is wasted at retail and consumer level.

The Commission’s website includes information on a variety of initiatives taking place at a regional, national and European level to reduce food waste as well as ongoing food redistribution programmes. The website also explanations of “Best Before” and “Use By” labels in order to overcome common misunderstandings related to what they mean, save money and reduce waste.

The EC is also looking reduce food by funding a number of projects. One of these is the newly launched REFRESH - Resource Efficient Food and dRink for Entire Supply cHain - project. The project includes 26 partners from 12 European countries as well as China. They will work together to achieve a 30% reduction in waste across Europe by 2025.
For more information, visit the European Commission hub for food waste