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16 June 2014  

Green Public Procurement possible regardless of size of city's budget

The May GPP News Alert included an example of a School Catering Procurement carried out by the City of Lens is in the North East of France. The City of Lens has a population of 36,000 and is one of the more economically disadvantaged cities in the country. Lens wished to demonstrate that Green Public Procurement (GPP) need not be restricted to wealthier cities and need not be a complicated process.

In their tender the City specified that 20 percent of the food provided to each school must be organic. The procurers involved did not request a higher proportion of organic food than this, as they felt that it may have too much of an impact on price. However, variants were allowed giving the bidder the opportunity to offer a higher percentage of organic food. The City discovered that organic meals were only marginally more expensive than standard meals. An organic meal is now served one day a week in school canteens in the City of Lens.

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