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13 April 2015  

INNOCAT packaging tenders awarded

Three suppliers have been chosen for the first tenders launched within the INNOCAT project. The two tenders were launched by project partner Resah-idf, the network for hospital procurers in the Paris region of France. Awarded in the form of framework contracts, the agreements are available for use by all French healthcare organisations.

The first tender consisted of two lots: recyclable food containers including the recycling service, and biodegradable dishes. Following a period of quality testing to ensure the proposed solutions met the required EN13432 standard, the two lots were awarded respectively to the manufacturers Rescaset and FIRPLAST. The second tender, for a consulting service to reorganise the logistics of sorting organic from non-organic waste, was awarded to the agricultural and food company Saria.

A second eco-innovative catering tender for energy efficient vending machines at the University of Sheffield is currently underway, following a period of intensive market engagement

For more information on INNOCAT tenders, please visit the upcoming tenders page.