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17 November 2014  

Schools across Europe increasingly growing their own food

In recent years, many schools in Europe have begun growing their own fruit and vegetables in an effort to teach students more about where their food comes from and the processes involved. The idea is that by growing their own food students will develop a better understanding of what they eat, motivating them to eat healthier and to live a healthier lifestyle.

GIY International is an emerging global network of people who grow a portion of their food. Founded in Ireland in 2009, the GIY movement runs events and campaigns to build awareness and knowledge, and is made up of over 50,000 people and community groups. Campaigns include The Living Classroom and the Sow & Grow Schools Campaign, both of which encourage children to cultivate their own food both at home and at school. Mama Terra - a similar campaign in Spain - aims to promote organic school gardens and develop educational tools relating to the work carried out in the school garden.

In the UK, the Food for Life project has a Get Growing campaign, while the Food Growing Schools programme brings together the very best of London’s food growing expertise, information and support, with the ambition to inspire and equip every school in the British capital to grow their own produce. In Germany many States, such as Baden-Württemberg have similar initiatives.

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