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10 June 2015  

Sustainable school catering report – your feedback please

Procurement of school catering services is an issue that affects families across Europe and has significant environmental and social impacts. As part of the INNOCAT project, we have prepared a report looking at the difficulties faced by European schools and local authorities as they try to procure healthy, sustainable and low-carbon school meals.

The report is structured around a brief overview of the key problem areas which local authorities looking to procure more sustainable catering services find themselves faced with. It draws together inspirational examples of local authorities using innovative approaches and engaging with suppliers to embed sustainability at the heart of school catering. From carbon monitoring schemes at city level to waste sorting tables in school canteens, the range of eco-innovative solutions already being implemented is both impressive and thought-provoking.

A complete first draft of the report is now ready and we would love to hear your feedback. Five very quick questions are included at the end of the report to help guide your responses. Please let us know your thoughts and comments by emailing before Friday 3 July.

For more information, please read the INNOCAT school catering report.