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30 June 2014  

Catering companies in Switzerland make substantial carbon savings

The ONE TWO WE Project is a climate protection programme run by the SV Group, a Swiss catering company which operates more than 300 employee restaurants and student canteens, and the WWF Switzerland. The program aims to reduce the environmental damage caused by the production of food-stuffs by reducing the energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions of participating restaurants and canteens. The project's target is to reduce CO2 levels by 20 percent by its end.

The results of an initial assessment were recently released and demonstrate how one of the project partners managed to reduce their CO2 emissions by 6 percent in one year. This may at first glance appear to be a small amount, however, this amounts to 14 tonnes of CO2. The restaurant reduced their CO2 emissions by sourcing raw materials locally, reducing the amount of food transport by air and increasing the amount of food delivered by land and sea. Additionally, the restaurant introduced energy saving timer switches on kitchen appliances. The restaurant hopes to further reduce their emissions and to reach the project goal of 20 percent over the coming year.

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