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17 March 2014  

Greener fuel used in delivery of Arla Foods' products

The UK company Arla Foods has taken a major step to reduce the carbon emissions of its delivery truck fleet by opening a new bio-methane-fuelled filling station on its dairy farm. The dairy producer aims to run its entire truck fleet on a mix of biogas (LBM) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 2020. The company is currently converting the first ten trucks to use dual fuel engines.

The filling station was installed by Gasrec, which has already installed 11 bio-LNG filling stations across the UK, amongst others for private companies such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Companies can choose the mix for their fuel individually. Arla for instance is opting for the standard 85 percent LNG. Companies do not pay for the installation of the filling station, as its cost is included in the price of gas.

With the support of EU funding, Gasrec is currently working on creating a pilot network of five public access bio-methane-fuelled filling stations across the UK. So far two open access plants have been built and another three will follow this year. At the moment LBN can still be slightly more expensive. However, in the long term the demand for low emission biogas is expected to rise, resulting in lower costs.

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