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18 May 2015  

France leads the fight against food waste

National policy makers in France have released a series of proposals aimed at cutting the nation’s food waste in half over the next ten years. The new policies, which were released in April, have been developed as part of a nationwide Fight Against Food Waste (Lutte Contre Le Gaspillage Alimentaire), which aims to tackle both over production and over consumption within the French food system.

The necessity of changing attitudes to food has been identified as a vital tool to long-term waste reduction, so education and awareness-raising campaigns will form a key part of the anti-waste strategy. Furthermore, under these proposals large corporations would be required to include food waste data in the corporate social responsibility statements and supermarkets would be legally obliged to donate extra food to non-profit organisations rather than sending it to landfill.

In order to support these measures, a dedicated national agency has been proposed to work with stakeholders in developing innovative methods to manage and measure food waste. Other proposed measures include clearer expiry dates on grocery products, the decriminalisation of dumpster diving and controlling rejections of shipments from suppliers by retailers.

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