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12 May 2015  

UNEP releases new guidance on sustainable catering in the hospitality sector

Improving sustainability in the catering sector can be achieved using a four step approach, according to a recent UNEP report. The publication, entitled Responsible Food Purchasing: Four steps towards sustainability for the hospitality sector, recognises the importance of the catering sector in social and environmental terms. It aims to help food purchasers better understand the importance of responsible food purchasing, while providing practical advice and guidance to enable them to make the right decisions and choices.

The guidance is specifically aimed at food and purchasing managers of hotels, restaurants and catering companies but could equally be applied to public sector catering services. The Guide focuses on the need for cooperation in order to achieve responsible food sourcing. This implies working closely with the supply chain, supporting suppliers, incentivising good practice and communicating why and how your organisation has committed to new standards of responsible environmental and social performance.

The four steps approach guides purchasers through the development of a sustainability strategy, key areas for sustainable purchasing, monitoring of contracts and effective communication of results. It also provides a useful resource inventory, with further information on the wider sustainability agenda.

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