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26 January 2015  

German website puts a value on wasted food

Every year, almost a third of food purchased in Germany is thrown away. This figure is mirrored across the European Union, where annual food waste levels sit at over 100 million tonnes, expected to rise to about 126 million tonnes by 2020 if nothing is done to combat the problem.

A new website has been designed to draw attention to this problem. invites consumers to input which items they throw away each week before calculating their value in terms of money and energy used. The energy usage is shown in terms of tangible equivalent measurements, such as hours spent surfing the internet or number of cakes that could be baked using the energy.

The website is one of a number of initiatives aimed at making consumers aware of how much food they waste each week. It is hoped, that by bringing people face to face with the problem and helping them to think about cutting down in terms of tangible financial benefits, less food will be wasted in total.

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