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28 July 2015  

IntoFood toolkit helps reduce meat in menus

Meat production is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the food and catering sector. A complete transition to meat free diets, however, is not an option for many people. Culturally, meat matters and low-carbon vegetarian are often still ignored by consumers in favour of those containing meat.

IntoFood, A new toolkit developed by the Norwegian organisation Intolife, is designed to help food providers reduce the levels of meat in their menus without impacting the taste. Early successes include the development of a tapas range which had a carbon footprint just 10% higher than the existing vegetarian menu. This new menu proved popular with meat eaters who weren’t willing to transition to the vegetarian menu - in four months, the shift in sales has saved the carbon equivalent of that produced by a car travelling 9,500 km.

Intolife are interested in collaboration with others working on low-carbon food and catering.

For more information, read the FCRN IntoFood blog article.