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20 July 2015  

Freiburg university canteen explores origins of ingredients

Students at the University of Freiburg have been working with the university canteen to discover where their food really comes from. Thousands of students eat in the university’s cafeteria’s each day, but the distance travelled and production procedures applied to different ingredients before they arrive on the plate is often hidden from consumers.

In order to get a better understanding of these procedures, students of the university’s Environmental Governance Master’s Program analysed the provenance and processes used on all the ingredients for two standard meals served in the university canteen: Beef Stroganoff with Ribbon-noodles and salad, and Aubergine and Carrot Masala with rice, dip and salad.

The information was then compiled in two infographics which are on display in the university canteens and on the university student services website, in order to provide students with food for thought on the global nature of the food supply chain.

For more information, visit the Freiburg Mensa website.