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17 November 2015  

Market consultation on low energy catering services and waste management

Following a prior information notice (PIN) published in October 2015, INNOCAT partner Envipark is inviting suppliers and catering service providers to get involved with its market consultation on eco-innovative office catering by filling out an online questionnaire. Following an audit carried out with lead buyer Arpa Piemonte in early 2015, Envipark identified two main areas of focus for its upcoming tender on eco-innovative office catering services. These were reducing the power consumption of the overall power services as well as reducing packaging and improving the management of biodegradable waste.

Based on this audit, Arpa is now launching a market consultation process to ensure the interest and capacity of catering service providers to meet its requirements. In order to provide a clear overview of the eco-innovative aspects required in the future tender, a Market Sounding Prospectus has been published and is available in English and Italian. The next stage of the process is a market consultation.

Both catering service providers and manufacturers of potential solutions are both invited to take part in a market consultation survey (Italian) by 15 December 2015 to share details of their solutions and their interest in being involved in further market engagement activities related to this process.

For more information and to take part in the survey, please visit the Office Catering page.