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10 February 2014  

Apply for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to seize the opportunity and apply for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award. The award will be presented to an exemplary public authority that purchases innovative, effective and efficient products and services.

Public authorities can apply for the award by completing the application form and sending it to the Procurement of Innovation Platform team. Applications for the award close on 31 March 2014. Already a number of high-level organisations have applied to take home the prize.

The successful entry will be selected in May 2014 and will receive a trophy together with the title “European innovation procurement of the year”; receive promotion across Europe and internationally; gain the possibility of attending a paid experience exchange visit to a selected public authority; and be invited to attend the EcoProcura 2014 conference free of charge. The winner will also be made the subject of a case study, available on the Procurement of Innovation Platform.

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