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2 June 2014  

New technologies to overcome future challenges in fruit and vegetable production

RESFOOD «Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing» is a project funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. It aims to research and demonstrate green solutions which will help achieve maximum resource productivity as well as the recycling and re-use of valuable materials.

The RESFOOD project organises information sessions to share and discuss its mid-term results with stakeholders. The most recent session dealt with the topic of horticulture and was organised at Demokwekerij (the Netherlands) on 8th of May. This saw the attendance of 30 researchers and industry representatives (fruit and vegetable growers, as well as equipment suppliers) working in the horticulture field.

RESFOOD partners presented new technologies offered by the project in response to the rising challenges in the fruit and vegetable growing sector. These include tightening regulations on emissions, water scarcity due to climate change, increasing prices of fresh water and safety concerns related to fresh cut products.

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