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19 October 2015  

Rotherham hospital introduces low carbon catering

A UK town has used innovation procurement to reduce carbon emissions related to its catering contract whilst saving more than one million euros. A case study, featured in the October issue of the EU GPP News Alert explains in detail how the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust successfully engaged with the market to purchase a low carbon catering solution.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, which is located in the north of England, provides a range of health services in the Rotherham area. Following the end of a 15 year catering service contract for Rotherham hospital, the Trust grasped the opportunity to rethink its approach to catering. In 2012, as part of the EcoQUIP project, the Trust initiated a procurement process to improve the quality of catering for patients, visitors and staff. They used stakeholder engagement to define an outcome based requirement and engaged the market in a pre-procurement dialogue. The Trust then went on to manage a pro-innovation public procurement process that encouraged the supply chain to develop an innovative approach to hospital catering services. Rotherham adopted the forward commitment procurement (FCP) model of innovation procurement and developed a pro-innovation procurement strategy. The contract was awarded to the incumbent supplier in March 2015.

A total of 35 companies took part in the market sounding exercise, with five suppliers reaching the competitive dialogue phase. The incumbent supplier responded enthusiastically, ultimately winning the contract thanks to the innovative proposals for waste reduction and their offer to qualify for the UK’s Soil Association award gold standard – one of the UK’s most prestigious environmental accreditations. Over the first five years alone, the Trust hopes to achieve financial savings of just over one million euro (or 800,000 British pounds). Carbon emissions reductions will be measured by the supplier over the lifetime of the contract.

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