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28 April 2014  

Workshop on eco- innovation for school catering services in the City of Turin

INNOCAT project partner Turin is organising a workshop on eco-innovation in the school catering sector on April 30. As part of the INNOCAT project the City of Turin is committed to promote the procurement of eco-innovative catering services for schools. The workshop will focus on the following four topics in particular: the type and origin of food, the delivery and logistics of food, meal preparation and serving as well as waste management.

In the workshop, Turin will share its experience of implementing a procurement framework for eco-innovative catering solutions and how it intends to learn for and prepare its next tender, reshaping the entire service in order to reduce the environmental impacts and promote eco-innovation.

National and European catering experts will analyse Turin’s current tender with project partners to find new solutions which can be made into criteria, parameters and environmental indicators forTurin’s next tender.

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