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9 April 2014  

INNOCAT to set new standard for eco-innovative vending machines

The INNOCAT project aims to launch at least four tenders over the course of the project, to encourage eco-innovation in the catering sector. The first of these tenders was recently launched with the publication of a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for the procurement of Vending Machines.

The procurement is being lead by the University of Sheffield, England who together with INNOCAT partner Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells have brought on board a number of other universities and organisations interested in increasing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions that arise from vending operations. This Buyers Group aim to set a new standard for Low Carbon Vending, and as the tender will be a public contract, the contracted solution will be accessible for all organisations participating in the Buyers Group.

A market sounding exercise will be carried out over the coming months to find out what new solutions are available on the market and to demonstrate that there is a growing demand for energy efficient, low carbon vending machines.

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