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31 March 2014  

Call for Contributions for the EcoProcura conference 2014

The EcoProcura conference 2014 has announced a call for contributions for the Market Lounge section of the conference programme. The EcoProcura conference series is a European-wide forum to promote exchange and dialogue amongst purchasers from all levels of governments, suppliers, policy-makers and multipliers on strategies and practical solutions to enhance Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).

Each event attracts 250 - 350 participants. The Market Lounge allows participants to showcase their work, network, and benefit from in-depth discussions in small groups. The call is open to the following types of organisations: Local, national and regional governments; Public authorities such as universities, hospitals, schools, and emergency services; Businesses, suppliers, manufacturers; Scientific / research organisations; and other stakeholders.

Taking place in Ghent (Belgium), this is an excellent chance for participants to promote what they are doing, offer advice, seek input and directly engage with the procurement community. The deadline for submitting proposals is 24 April 2014. Please send proposals with a completed application form to

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