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16 June 2015  

Sweden includes environmental concerns in official dietary guidelines

Sweden’s recently launched dietary guidelines are concerned not just for human health but with the health of the planet. Each section includes advice on which food choices have the highest and lowest negative environmental impacts, as well as information on eco-labels and environmentally friendly alternatives.

These guidelines are in line with Swedish environmental policy, which aims “to hand over to the next generation a society in which the major environmental problems are resolved, without causing increased environmental and health problems outside Sweden.” They have been broadly welcomed, with some organisations requesting that they go further and look into alternatives for dairy products.

The Swedish guidelines are part of a recent trend to view sustainability and healthy eating as inter-related aspects of our food culture. Other countries that have commissioned reports to look into sustainable diets include Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and Brazil.

For more information, read Elin Röös’s blog article on the new guidelines.