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9 November 2015  

Ten principles for the transition to a sustainable food system

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (iPES Food) has identified ten key principles which it believes will be key in supporting the move towards a more sustainable global food system. The panel, which is headed by former UN Rapporteur on Sustainable Food Olivier De Schutter, has published the principles which will underpin its work in future years.

The values identified cover the types of knowledge and analysis needed to support the transition as well as the principles and values which should underpin the sustainable food systems of the future. A trans-disciplinary, holistic approach which is independent, unafraid of being critical and is sensitive to the complex power dynamics within the international food system is seen as essential to any positive change.

In terms of how a future food system should look, the Committee focuses on sustainability and resilience, including environmental, health, social, cultural and economic dimensions. Progress indicators are also identified as an important method for measuring progress and ensuring continual improvement towards a more democratic, empowering and equitable food system.

For more information, visit the iPES Food website