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31 August 2015  

Food takes centre-stage at World Expo 2015

Ensuring access to healthy food which is produced and distributed in a sustainable manner is a key question facing policy makers at all levels of government. This important topic has been put at the heart of the Universal Exhibition, which is being held in Milan (Italy) this year. The exhibition is running until 31 October 2015 with the theme: Feeding the planet, energy for life.

The Expo aims to promote an international dialogue about global challenges involving nutrition and natural resources. Key questions include ensuring access to healthy food for all, reducing food waste, using resources in a more sustainable way, and the link between food, energy production and use of natural resources.

The exhibition site is divided into four thematic areas: Pavilion Zero, looking at the history of humankind through the lens of its relationship with food; the Future Food District, which considers future impacts of technological advances on food storage, distribution, purchase, and consumption; the Biodiversity Park, which reproduces different ecosystems from around the planets; and the Arts & Foods exhibition, which explores the changing relationship between food and art.

For more information, visit the Milano 2015 website.