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6 October 2015  

Envipark 3rd INNOCAT project partner to publish PIN

On October 2 INNOCAT partner Environment Park (EnviPark) published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) on behalf of lead buyer ARPA Piemonte for the procurement of sustainable office catering services, for its canteen in Northern Italy.

Envipark is now the 3rd partner in the INNOCAT project to publish a PIN. Over the past year EnviPark, which is an innovation accelerator for businesses looking to use eco-efficient solutions to expand their markets, has carried out a joint audit and needs analysis with ARPA Piemonte focusing on the energy consumption of catering equipment and the organisation of the organisation’s catering service. Envipark identified two priority areas: reducing waste and energy consumption. These will provide ARPA Piemonte with both financial benefits and an improved sustainability impact.

ARPA Piemonte employs approximately 300 workers, 100 of whom on average choose to eat in the staff canteen on a regular basis. They believe that introducing better quality, sustainable food would entice more people to eat at the canteen. ARPA believes that introducing eco-innovative processes could also reduce the significant energy and water costs associated with running the canteen. The awarded catering contract will have a duration of three years and bidders will be requested to: provide an energy efficient service and equipment; minimise the amount of waste produced; and ensure social responsibility along the food supply chain.

For more information, visit the upcoming tenders page