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12 January 2015  

International panel promotes transition to sustainable global food systems

A new international panel has been set up to provide evidence-based advocacy on sustainable food systems and diets. Co-chaired by former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Professor Olivier de Schutter and former UNICEF representative to Kenya Dr Olivia Yambi, the panel aims to convince politicians, the private sector and the general public of the necessity of a transition to more sustainable food production and consumption.

The panel will be made up of scientists and recognised experts working in ecology, environment, nutrition, and food production and consumption as well as representatives of consumer associations and other civil society organisations. Together they will collect and analyse pre-existing research, identify and carry out research in priority areas and develop tools to help political decision makers better understand and present paths to sustainable food systems.

'Food systems are being fundamentally reformed, and alternatives are emerging to the mainstream food system: it is more important than ever that decisions are made on the basis of the best science available,' said Prof. de Schutter.

For more information, read the press release.