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25 January 2016  

Eco-innovative office catering services: market engagement event

INNOCAT partner Envipark will be hosting a market engagement event in Turin (Italy) on Thursday 11 February as part of the upcoming tender for eco-innovative office catering services. The event follows the publication of a Prior Information Notice on October 6 2015 and a Market Sounding Prospectus, which was made available in English and Italian.

Following a full review of its in-house canteen in 2015, lead buyer Arpa Piemonte has identified two priority areas to be considered in the tender: waste reduction and energy saving through the procurement of more energy efficient catering equipment. These will provide both financial benefits and impact in terms of improved sustainability.

The market engagement event is open to all interested suppliers as well as potential buyers and others interesting in learning what is currently available on the market in terms of sustainable catering solutions.

For more information, read the agenda