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16 February 2015  

Copenhagen goes 100 percent organic

The Municipality of Copenhagen (Denmark) has been working for a number of years to improve the quality and sustainability of its catering service. To this end, it published a public tender in 2013 to provide 100% organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables for 80 large kitchens in the City of Copenhagen, serving approximately 20,000 meals per day.

Although the price of organic food tends to be more expensive than non-organic food, the Municipality ensured that this tender did not cost more than a tender for non-organic food. This was done by balancing the ratios of more expensive and cheaper products. For example, less meat and more vegetables are now used. In this way, the Municipality has managed to ensure that the catering services do not cost more than they did previously.

As well as provisions for food quality, the tender incorporated technical specifications covering a range of other environmental considerations. These included limiting the amount of packaging used, specifying minimum emissions standards for delivery vehicles, and documentation of fuel consumption.

For more information, read the GPP case study.